St. Joseph

St. Joseph



• Navy, Black or Brown are required for all students in grades 1-8 unless there is prior approval from the principal for medical reasons

 • Navy ot Tan Khaki walking shorts (No cargo pants)

• Navy ot Tan Khaki dress shorts (No cargo pants)

• White, red or navy knit shirts ith collar (Long or Short Sleeves)

• Solid color white, red or navy

• Khaki

• No jackets or sweatshirts may be work in th ebuilding except for Spritwear sweatshirts or hoodies

Monogrammed Spiritwear school sweatshirts or hoodies are acceptable in: green, gray black or red.
Scout Uniforms: Students may wear the scout uniforms, not tee shirts, on meeting days. 

Girl Pre K-5th 
• Regulation navy or tan khaki jumper or dress
• Navy or Tan Khaki Skorts
• White blouse with collar - long or short sleeves
• Solid color (white, red, or navy) socks, tights or hose

Girls 6th - 8th
• Regulation navy or tan khaki skirt
• Navy or tan khaki skorts
•White blouse with collar--long or short sleeves
•Solid color (white, red, black or navy) socks, tights or hose

Shorts may be worn throughout the year as the weather permits and parents se fit. 

Shorts, skorts and skirts must be nore more than 3 inches above the knee. 

Girls may wear uniform shorts under jumpers or skirts: however, shorts should not show below the hemline.

• Navy Blue; V-neck or Cardigan

• Navy Blue; Navy fleece vests

• Tights; white

• Brown, or Black; plain (optional for Kindergarten)

Spirit T-Shirts: 
• Consigned only:White, Light Blue, or Purple